Silver Service: Small Car £15, Large Car £19

Outside wash only (wash & wax treatment, pressure wash & microfibre dry)

Gold Service: Small Car £27, Large Car £33

Outside wash (wash & wax treatment, pressure wash & microfibre dry), Inside clean (hoover, windows cleaned inside & out, dashboard & centre console wiped down)

Mini Valet: Small Car £43, Large Car £55

As Gold Service plus: door & boot openings cleaned, dashboard cleaned, car freshener, door cards cleaned, minor stains removed from upholstery, special alloy wheel treatment and tyre shine.

Full Valet: Small Cars £85, Large Cars £105

As Mini Valet plus: boot/door/engine openings pressure washed and dried, wheel arches pressure washes, full exterior polish, interior vinyl treatment.


All prices listed are to be used as a guide and can vary depending on the condition of the vehicle upon inspection. For a tailored quote, please contact me directly on 07445688746

Valet Add-ons

Add any of these services to our existing valet packages.

Tar removal £35

Removal of tar spots that usually build up on the front of a vehicle especially for cars used on the motorway.

Full hand polish or wax from £40

A choice of polish or wax applied by hand.

Machine buffing/polishing from £150

For vehicles with excessive and noticeable imperfections. A machine polish will remove more imperfections compared to a hand polish. Your vehicle will be degreased, washed and a full machine polish carried out on the whole vehicle.

Engine Bay Clean £50

Engine bay cleaned and dressed.

Clay bar treatment £100

This is usually a one-off process which removes contaminants that have been heavily embedded into the paintwork, or over-spray which cannot be seen by the naked eye. These contaminants rot the paint from the inside out, eventually resulting in rust spots. They cannot be removed with polish or degreaser.  The clay bar treatment is carried out before polishing. The clay bar treatment along with a machine polish are the perfect combination if you are looking for optimum result.

Snow foam £5

A thick foam applied to your vehicle prior to the main wash. Helps to remove and ease of dirt and grime from the paint work. Ideal for heavily soiled vehicles.